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Decoline for many years has been meeting its customer's highest expectations by providing door systems of exceptional quality and durability that are the ultimate in efficiency, style and elegance. Decoline uses Heavy Duty Steel Door Slabs, Fiberglass Door Slabs, PVC Executive  panels, maintenance-free vinyl clad door frame, and self-draining aluminum threshold to ensure that only the best quality doors are made. 

Fiberglass Entrance Doors

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European Garden Doors



Garden Doors bring the atmosphere of the outdoors right into your home, whether it is the brilliance of a summer's day or the glittering frost of a winter's morning. Their Slim-Line design adds style to your home while the high security features keep even the most persistent thief firmly at bay. You can choose from a wide range of styles and options which suit even the most individual of properties.


The Garden Doors are made with the Trocal Profiles, they can be Tilt & Turn, with the option of being Swing or Swing out,  with a German made multi-point locking system.

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Fiberglass  Doors



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