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uPVC is unsurpassed as a window framing material, outperforming wood, steel, aluminum and other framing materials. No other framing products offers all of the following advantages combined.


uPVC Technology

Key Advantages

uPVC Construction

Multi chamber frames resist twisting and will not warp. Sealed air insulates against hot and cool weather extremes, providing the most optimum controlled comfort.


Dual sealed glass increases comfort and protection from convectional heat loss. Weather stripping controls draft and helps to reduce heating costs. 100% vinyl frame cleans easily to look new after installation, and never requires painting. Heavy-duty sash provides durability and fingertip ease of operating. Snap-in glazing bead, allows easy and un-complicated glass replacement from the inside. 100% Fusion welded frame and sash corners, provide strength and durability-water and air leakage is eliminated at the critical corner location.


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uPVC Technology

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