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Dual Action Tilt & Turn Windows and Doors

Series 7000


Decoline's Tilt & Turn Windows and Doors offer superior thermal resistance and unparalleled aesthetics, robust construction and impeccable finish. Decoline uses only the highest quality uPVC extrusions and are made with the most advanced technology available, designed to perform well against the weather and  to last for years.

Your Home, Your Dream


Express your feeling and your personality with shapes, sizes, colours, and combinations not possible with conventional windows and doors.


You will be pleased with the potential for creative expression the Tilt & Turn window allows you. Round Tops, rake shapes, large opening sashes, combined window-door frames, storm-resistant mullions, muntin divider bars, and a choice of handle and finishes are just some of the possibilities.


Above all, you will enjoy living with your new windows and doors to a degree you did not think possible.
Every time you open one, you’ll be glad you chose the Tilt & Turn window from Decoline.


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Cool Summer, Warm Winter


It is no secret that the most comfortable windows are made of energy-efficient uPVC profiles with integral insulating air chambers. 


The same technology that keeps you cool during the summer, will keep you warm during the winter. Either way you save on heating and cooling bills, and enjoy the feel of a material that is always comfortable to the touch. 


Choosing the right windows and doors is only part of the comfort solution. Decoline will help you choose the right glass combination, so you and your family will enjoy year-round comfort.


Easy to Maintain


From the dirt and stain resistant finish, to the smooth, easy to clean contours of the frame, you will
be impressed with how little maintenance this windows need.


Self-lubricating hinges always open easily, and all hardware allows adjustment to compensate for wear
and building settlement. The open-in feature even makes it possible to clean the glass from the inside of the house.


Easy to maintain, clean, and adjust. Peace of mind for you and your family.



A Breath of Fresh Air


These windows and doors have the Tilt-In feature, so you can enjoy comfortable, healthy living without
annoying drafts.


Because warm air rises, the best place to open a window or door is near the top. The Tilt-In design draws warm, stale air out, and causes fresh air to flow in gently from the sides, without creating a draft. Air circulation happens even if there are no other windows in the room.


Inadequate ventilation can compromise your health. Research shows that indoor air is often up to 100 times more contaminated than outdoor air. This is the major reason why in Europe the Tilt & Turn windows and doors are considered the healthier choice.




Designed for All Climates


From the icy cold winters to the heat of a desert sun, in corrosive urban environments or facing salty
coastal storms, the Tilt and Turn windows and doors will keep you safe, dry, and comfortable, year after
year. No strangers to extreme conditions, they are used throughout North America and around the world.
Every door and window features pressure-equalized rain screen design, the same technology used to keep the tallest skyscrapers wind-and watertight.


The results speak for themselves. Beside your front door, or on the thirtieth floor – you can rely on
the Tilt and Turn Window from Decoline, just as architects do.




Safe and Secure


Windows should not only keep out wind, rain, and noise. They should also let you feel secure from intruders.


All Tilt & Turn windows and doors come with multi-point locking hardware, providing far more security than conventional windows and doors. Reinforced with galvanized steel, each sash is surrounded by a band of steel hardware that bolts the frame at multiple points on all four sides when locked. In the Tilt-Open positions, windows and doors allow ventilation without granting entry to casual intruders.





Cross-Section of a Trocal Tilt and Turn Window


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